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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Department  Beauty is happiness Beauty has varied throughout time, various cultures and the vast different perceptions of the world. Beauty has been described and depicted through pictures and concepts penetrating our minds. Beauty has been defined in so many ways. What we have discovered is that beauty is simple. Beauty is happiness. Contact […]
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Urology Department

Urology Department Urology is a surgical specialty, covering the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs.The Urology Service in Middle East Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality patient care in a compassionate, safe and patient focused manner. The Department of Urology is devoted to clinical […]
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Surgery Department

General Surgery Department The Middle East Hospital has a Large Surgical Department that can handle patients who require surgical intervention on either elective or emergency situations.  The department can handle various surgical conditions including Gastro-intestinal surgeries, urology, breast surgery and many more. As mentioned earlier, the presence of dedicated ICU unit makes it easier to […]
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Spinal And Neurosurgical

Spinal and Neurosurgical Department The Middle East Hospital is privileged to have some of the most experienced consultants specialized in Spinal and Neurosurgery. It is well known fact that many patients in Bahrain are suffering for long time of the problem of back pain, spinal and lumber pains that are agonizing in many situations. Having […]
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Radiology Department

Radiology Department   Welcome to the Radiology Department at the Middle East Hospital. We provide an extensive range of imaging services, including a substantial contribution to emergency services, a very highly regarded interventional radiology service and a comprehensive cross sectional imaging service. The Department has state of the art equipment to support clinical practice, including a Hitachi […]
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Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy Department: The Middle East Hospital Physiotherapy Department improves quality of care by bringing additional knowledge and expertise to the management of patients with disabilities and pain syndromes. Physiotherapy forms an integral part of the treatment plan for many patients. Our physiotherapy department also offers many invaluable services to patients on an outpatient and inpatient basis. […]
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Pharmacy Department

Pharmacy Department The Department of Pharmacy provides Outpatient, In-patient and Retail services to community of Bahrain, we are pleased to be of assistance with any of your needs. Mission Dedicated to provide best quality service for patients, users and caregivers.   Key Roles Our Hospital pharmacists are experts in the field of medicines. Check prescriptions […]
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Pediatrics Department

Pediatrics Department   A pediatrician encompasses qualities of a medical detective, a counselor, and a healer. There is an element of intrigue in searching for signs and symptoms of diseases and solving diagnostic dilemmas. This is especially true with infants who can’t verbally assist the physician to identify the location of their problem. Pediatricians do […]
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Pathology And Laboratory

Pathology And Laboratory The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine mission is to provide the highest quality pathology and laboratory services to the patients. The laboratory is equipped with a State of Art fully automated analyzers with full range of diagnostic tests in chemistry, hematology, immunology and microbiology. Contact us info@mehospital.com Emergancy 17362233 24 Hours […]
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Orthopedic Department

Orthopedic Department Orthopedics Surgery, Arthroscopy and joint replacement are specialties of great importance in Middle East Hospital. This department is offering outstanding services for patients who are in need of performing Orthopedic surgeries or suffering from fracture and injured in accidents; in addition to those who are conducting joint replacement.Treated Cases All kinds of Orthopedic […]
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